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The Creative Indians is a studio house & a community of artists dedicated to documenting and bringing together the cultural landscape of India

 and deconstruct the driving forces of creativity across industries of artistic practices and collaborating as an artist collective across industries

to enable ideas & brands that stand as solutions for a sustainable and thriving future of this planet, we call home.

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Over 4 Seasons THE CREATIVE INDIANS has showcased more than 60 artists of India across industries

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The Minds Behind ‘The Creative Indians’, A Netflix Series Shot Entirely On iPhones

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Creativity trumps gear.

By Aakash Jhaveri

The Creative Indians

The gap between regular TV shows and movies has been going down with the production values shooting up, even for a rather short duration episode. Higher end mechanised equipment, HDR compliance, surround sound, 4K resolution, VFX are no longer reserved for fancy film sets. The current season 8 of Game of Thrones is averaging a whopping $15 million per episode to produce. For anyone unfamiliar with the production process, that bill will definitely seem a little exorbitant, especially when the perceived improvements are really small in most cases. I’m not going to go deeper into the benefits or worth of film cameras, but it talks a lot about how creators always want to move on to better equipment and keep upgrading. Trying to break that paradigm, meet Manil and Rohit, the duo of brothers behind the Netflix show, The Creative Indians.

The brother-artiste duo ManilRohit slid down a rabbit hole after picking up the iPhone

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iPhone auteurs

By Mathures Paul

The Creative Indians

Smoke fills the frame as Nawazuddin Siddiqui speaks about his journey and lessons learnt in the film industry. After 30-odd minutes the lights come on to reveal an auditorium full of students clapping and cheering while soaking in the magic of a phrase that’s taking over the world — ‘Filmed on iPhone’. This was no ordinary screening at Mumbai’s Whistling Woods International, for the duo of Manil Gupta and Rohit Gupta are no ordinary artists. The brothers have in the last few years created a show that has put different art forms on the map. Titled The Creative Indians, after a tremendous third season on Netflix, the fourth season is all set to take off. This time, it’s all ‘Filmed on iPhone’, which is no longer just a device to call people; it has democratised film production. The Telegraph met the duo in Mumbai and here’s what they had to say.

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