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"In any profession, when you loose yourself, you become the art."

AR Rahman (Musician)

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“Democracy is good for people, but it's bad for art. Art has to be very dictatorial."

Anurag Kashyap (Filmmaker)


"Work on your craft... believe me, they will find you!"

Boman Irani (Actor)


"I don’t believe in talent more than I believe in passion and practice. Looks and talent can carry you to a certain extent, but if you are to become an actor or bring out a character, you will need education for that of course."

Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Actor)

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"I cannot keep anything inside and I can’t lie. It works against me a lot of times. But I just can’t be any other way."

Radhika Apte (Actor)


"Power is the reality, Justice is a concept. So, to try and get as much close to Justice as possible, every power system has to have checks and balances and questions. Otherwise the hope of Justice is gone."

Dibaker Banerjee (Filmmaker)


"I’ve not done things because I was committed to doing them, I’ve done things because I was interested in doing them."

Imtiaz Ali (Filmmaker)

Adhuna Bhabani & Avan Contractor (BBlunt).jpg

“Most good ideas are inspired by life from somewhere or other."

Adhuna Bhabani & Avan Contractor (Hair Stylist)


Anita Dongre.jpg

"To me fashion is actually something that’s so emotional. When you wear something, you feel that what you’re wearing."

Anita Dongre (Fashion Designer)

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"When you go to the looms and see as to how everything operates, it’s kind of a contraption to anybody who hasn’t seen it earlier. That’s why I call it ‘rocket science’."

Hemang Agrawal (Textile and Fashion Designer)

Aarifa Bhinderwala_edited.jpg

"Music and pole together feels like I’ve met my soul’s purpose."

Aarifa Bhinderwala (Pole Dancer)

Piyush Pandey.jpg

“Most good ideas are inspired by life from somewhere or other."

Piyush Pandey (Ad Man)

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Worldwide

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"It was not about the camera at all. It was about seeing."

Bandeep Singh (Photographer)

Group Photo Editor, India Today Group


"Technology may change, Art form may change. But when you love to do something new every single time, you will invent ways to do that even when you don’t know how to do that."

Rajdeepak Das (Ad Man)

Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia


"I have travelled to more than 130 countries around the world. Nothing can replicate or substitute travel. The kind of experiences and learnings you get, about different people and cultures, its a humbling experience. Probably the best job in the world."

Natarajan Ramji (Location Guru)


"Just me and you. Parked by the B. To copulate in ease. To copulate in ease. You know me. You know I. Can never justify. That all I have is age. That all I am is aged."

Peter Cat Recording Co. (Music Band)

KM Music Conservatory (1)-low.jpg

"I am KM. Free from all vices, above all cliches. A musical visionary charting my own path, creating exciting opportunities for others. A musician, a compose, a sound engineer, a produce. The future of music. The heritage and traditions of my gurus. I found my voice at KM, This has made me who I am I am KM."

KM Music Conservatory (Music School)

Founded by AR Rahman

Rana Ghose (Listening Room) - Underground music Project.jpg

"If you can repeatedly present work to a public, not lose money, generally make money and keep on doing it, that’s huge. That’s a big deal. Then you actually are affecting change at some level because people notice they’re like ‘How is that happening? How is that still there?"

Rana Ghose (Music Producer)

Listening Room


"My life is my canvas."

Raghava KK (Contemporary Artist)

Saurabh Gupta_edited.jpg

"The architecture needs to be functional, has to be aesthetical but The Soul, the most important part of it is, it’s gotta have a narrative."

Sourabh Gupta (Architect)

Studio Archohm

Sarnath Banerjee2-small.jpg

"Through my art I am trying to find a quiet place in the moving world and when I will get that, I’ll die."

Sarnath Banerjee (Graphic Novelist)

Sameer Kulavoor.jpg

"I think it’s a lot to do with observation and then this desire to understand why things look the way they look."

Sameer Kulavoor (Contemporary Artist)

Vijayakumar Ep. Poster.jpg

"Incredible possibilities become part of our lives when we stop applying logic and conditioning to everything that we do and start believing in spontaneity."

Vijayakumar Arumugam (Illustrator, Concept Artist)

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