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Miral Patel

Fashion Designer, Reiki Healer & Brand Networking for The Creative Indians
Based out of Baroda

Miral Patel’s journey spans over a decade of education in New Zealand before she ventured to India to pursue her passion for Textile Design. Collaborating with renowned brands like Summer House, Bangalore and Naushad Ali, Auroville, Miral's expertise flourished, leading her to establish her own textile brand, House of Miro. Miro is a mindful clothing brand that delivers impeccable craftsmanship with the finest fabrics, which results in the creation of breathtaking and exclusive pieces. In addition to her textile pursuits, Miral's devotion extends to energy healing, where she channels her focus into nurturing the well-being of the body, it’s energies and chakras through a holistic approach. An empath at heart and with a desire to serve people, Miral brings in an ethereal dimension which allows her to understand founders & brands and their pain points from an early business point of view, and build a tranquil space of growth as a collaborative.

Miral Patel
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